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When your project requires BIM models, we will provide you 3D drawings
DWG and NWC files for your project collaboration in Navisworks.


Quality services

ShopDrawings.com is proud to have evolved over three decades right alongside the building industry.

We provide annotated coordination drawings for all MEP trades: ductwork, electrical, piping, plumbing, sprinkler. We also do provide 3D models as .dwg or .nwf files for customers requiring BIM modeling.

When collaborating with other companies, we work from our own software for fast drawing and editing process, then provide fully compatible AutoCAD .dwg and .nwd files for the clash detection with other trades on Navisworks platform. If you are using BlueBeam for your project collaboration, we will upload our drawings on your BlueBeam server as well.

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3D models

We developed our own CAD software about 30 years ago, adapted it for our specific needs, extremely fast data entry and top accuracy. We continued to upgrade this unique tool over the years and now can generate BIM models fully compatible with AutoCAD and Navisworks.

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Satisfied customers

“The process of the online meeting and seeing you make the changes directly on my computer screen makes the tedious and time consuming step of shop drawings much easier allowing us to actually start the duct fabrication and stay on schedule.” -Tina P.

“Their parametric software allows for super-fast design, revisions, additions and changes as well as conflict detection. Using this software, ShopDrawings can outperform other popular BIM software, saving time, frustration and most importantly money.” Jeff W.

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