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Fast data entry, ease of editing, accuracy, perfect clash detection


We built our own CAD software

When we first saw the trend to popular CAD, we were so unimpressed with the slow drawing process that we refused to follow a system we did not believe in. Instead of following the trend, we decided to do it a better away, our own way. We decided to build a new software ourselves, adapted to our specific needs.

Since Mac was more advanced in graphics in the 1980s, we chose to develop our software on this platform. We create each command with the same goal in mind: efficiency. All our software is based around an extremely fast data entry and we train our new employees to develop muscle memory, instead of clicking long pull-down menus and sub menus. We adapted our software to us and not the opposite.

Recently, we updated our software to be able to generate 3D models fully compatible with AutoCAD and Navisworks for the ease of collaboration with other contractors.

… and the results are amazing!

  • Fast drawing – turn arounds – through key bind data entry, we develop muscle memory, no slow pull-down menus
  • Clients get drawings quickly and so do Architects and Engineers / They receive design issue reports in the early construction stages for fast resolution
  • Accurate drawings (mathematical data entry only, not draw by hand, need specific dimensions)
  • Quick changes easy to apply (give details)
  • Now able to provide BIM models

We’re updating our website: come back later to check our software video, or call us now for a live demonstration.


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